Short (Chapter 7)

This chapter is very short. It doesn’t have much detail, so bare with me now. It starts off with a very tragic beginning. Billy is reminiscing in the time period to where the plane Billy and twenty-eight other optometrists were on crashed. Everybody died except for Billy. Wow, what a great way to start off the chapter. Of course, Billy already knew this was going to happen. However, he didn’t say anything in fear of being humiliated. The people were listening to songs being played on the plane not having any idea that they are about to die. In many ways, that’s the reality of us humans. You will never know when you’ll take your last breath. However, while I understand not wanting to be casted off as crazy, I probably would’ve still told them this was going to happen. I mean, it’s kind of odd to know people are going to die and not say anything. But, once again, I totally get why he decided to be quiet. Sometimes, you have to let fate play its role, and watch it happen. It’s like Billy is experiencing a life that has a consistent phenomenon of
deja vu. I couldn’t imagine how tiring they may be for Billy.

Fast forward to Dresden, he was watched over by this guard named Werner Gluck. What’s so interesting about this boy is that “they were, in fact, distant cousins, something they never found out”(page 201). For some reason, this quote saddened me, and I don’t know why. I guess it made me think of how many people we may be related to that we may never know about. We never get to actually know these people. It’s a small world honestly. Lastly, when Billy and the other soldiers get served food, the lady who served them food made an odd comment. Her comment was this:”All the real soldiers are dead.”(page 203). The quote honestly didn’t even make any sense. Is she implying that because they aren’t deceased that they are not real soldiers? Is she making a mockery of their appearances or something? She honestly didn’t make sense to me. It’s also ironic because all the American soldiers (except Edgar Derby, really) are dead. What I mean by dead is that they are no longer even alive mentally or spiritually. All the stuff they have seen and been through it’s hard for them to even be full of life. They’ve seen so much death that being alive and full of life is almost a farce.

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