The End (Chapter 10)

Wow, guys. We’re finally at the end of the book. We made it through all of the content in the book. We made it. I can remember when I was just on chapter one and explaining the first bit of information I read. It feels just like yesterday but also long at the same time. Anyway, let’s wrap this analysis up. For the most part, this chapter is basically the rest of what happened in the beginning. Let me refresh you guys’ memory. First, Billy went with O’Hare back to Dresden. It describes the conversation with the taxi driver who took them back to the slaughterhouse. However, while O’Hare is in present- day Dresden, Billy is in 1945 Dresden. He will probably reminisce about Dresden even after he gets shot. What a character. Billy and other prisoners were basically finding remains in the moon as he liked to call it. What they discovered was “…dozens of bodies down there. They were sitting on benches. They were unmarked” (page 273). The brutality of war is one big pill to swallow. The people you come to war with will be the people you may dig up. Crazy how war works. The stink was like roses and mustard gas. This is the same scent Billy had in the beginning. How coincidental. After this, Billy and the prisoners were locked up once again until they weren’t one day. After they were freed, the world seemed reborn again. Everything seemed new but empty. One bird came down to Billy to say the infamous saying, “Poo-tee-weet” (page 275). I’ll never forget that saying. Ever.

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